Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unflappable incredible Freedom

Luckily I have been working and riding a lot lately so we are making lots of progress with several horses. Unfortunately I am mostly by myself so I can't hardly take any pictures or I forget.
Today my (Curly) friend Natalie from TN came to trim my horses and to ride with me. She is a barefoot trimmer and my horses feet look awesome. Never had shoes on any of the horses and always had them barefoot but it is sometimes hard to keep up with the trimming, so I am VERY happy she is doing it so well. It was HOT and I was already complaining . As soon it is above 70 degrees I think it is too hot ;-) yeah, yeah some of you are in knee deep snow I know.
Freedom was first in line and to make it easier on Natalie during trimming I put a fan next to Freedom on a little step blowing cool air towards them.
Freedom happy, Natalie Happy.
But then a thunderstorm rolled in. It was not in the forecast and it came out of the blue. A huge whirlwind came true the barn and the fan fell of the step onto Freedom his legs. He DID NOT moved an inch...he just looked at it like hmm ..o well whatever. We looked at each other like wow that was a set up for disaster, he could had jumped right on top of Natalie who was half underneath him trimming.
In the mean time the thunder comes closer and Jake who was also in the barn, became restless and so where the dogs.
Then without a warning lightning and BANG!!!!  mega Thunder. I ran outside and I see all the horses running around and smell something burning. We run to the back of the barn towards the big pasture where the geldings are. And there we see, the lightning hit a big tree. It was splintered like a toothpick.  Unbelievable  what a power. I am not easily impressed, but that was something.
I praised the Lord it was a tree and not a horse or the barn.
And I praised Freedom, because again...he did not touch Natalie at all. He jumped a little but did not hit her at all and the BANG was very, very loud. I jumped at least 3 feed in the air.

I can not express how proud I am of Freedom. I have done all the obstacles I can think of, tarps , umbrellas, water, pool noodles, things up, under, over him. This from the ground but also riding him. He just is not impressed by nothing. And this is Freedom who in the beginning bucked me off 2 times ! And this was the absolute proof he is bombproof.

Marion Huurman
Hidden Cave Curly Horses, KY

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