Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cinderella birthday!!! Cinderella is allready 5 years old!
wanted to do something nice but the weater is useless......bleh!
rain and wind....kind of normal in the netherlands...but ....bleehhhh!

so I was at the stables thinking what to do for her birthday....a other girl came to the stables and wanted to go for a trial but just a I saddled Cinderella and joined them...

We never jumped or anything like that, I also thought it wouldn't be my kind of ryding....never did it, never tried eather...

but she cinderella and I just tried and she loved it she wanted to go over and over again! it was so funny!!

we had a lot off fun on her birthday so I am verry happy about that..

Cinderella's father is shadows hawk spirit, her grandfather is DCC traveler so she must be able to jump and be a sportive horse...I am definitly go to jump a lot this year!



  1. Hello and Happy Birthday to Cinderella! I just love hearing about Traveler's get - go and get'em! What a great horse you have.

  2. Great photos of Cinderella....give her a big hug for me{:>

  3. Hi Liz and Angie
    thanks for your message!

  4. Happy birthday !!!! Like Liz, I love hearing about HeartBreaker's get ...thank you for doing such an awesome job with Cinderella !!!


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