Monday, April 1, 2013

Finally got some pictures

Well, I rode three horses yesterday (Easter!) - I was lucky that my mom was cooking dinner and that left me free to enjoy the amazing weather we are having!
I had a first ride on my 4 year old Arabian mare Soledad, but since she is only an honorary Curly I won't blog anymore about her :)

Second I rode *Relic - he is really going well for me - so pleased with him - here are some pictures of this handsome, well behaved boy:

He is to be offered for sale, once his training is a little further along :)

Next I rode my wonderful stallion *Icon - gosh I love this horse - SO well behaved and such a great work ethic - we are hoping to take him to his first dressage show in three weeks - stay tuned!

Finally - here is a photo of the picture takers mount lol - Anastasia is recovering from an injury, but Joe was happy to take her around the ring a couple of times and also wait patiently while Ana took the pictures for me.
So that is it for today - off to ride a few more today!
Happy riding everyone!
Shelly in Summerland
Curly Standard Place


  1. Such LOVELY photos! That Relic is beautiful. Good luck in the show, and keep us posted!

  2. Thank you ladies! Relic is recovering from some pretty major outages in his body - the chiropractor and a massage therapist have been working on him, so I am pretty happy how he is developing now.

    I gotta gush a bit more about Icon - he is such an amazing horse, just coming four years old, been breeding mares for two seasons now and yet so wonderful to handle and ride - he tries SO hard!


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