Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so depressed!!!!!

Last week the training with Bucky went verry well and he is listening verry wel to his trainer....
after she ride hime my kids sit on his back and he did everything we wanted.....
So today....I go horse ryding with my kids again.......
Bucky stand still for 1 hour!I was so angry!!!
I got completly mad!!!
My kids where laughing out loud because there mother was so angry!
It was terrible.
So I put one off my kids on his back and he stand I told the kid.....get off!!!!
and I let him run aroud in circles til my angry level was low again ( I am sorry...hope you understand...sometimes)
So after that I put my kid on his back again and let him walk....he stand still again!.......7 times I had to repeat this.......and finally he understand........he after 2 rounds walking I give him a big compliment and put him back with his friends....
Ohh buy the way.......I could not give you a story and pictures as I promissed....( about the parcour I did with Cinderella in scary movie 3!

If somebody knows why he will not walk with a ryder on his back please let me know!

completly burnt out....

marjolein & bucky!


  1. ;( Tomorrow is another day, Marjolein! :)

  2. hahaha I know exactly how you feel.
    I have kids riding Moose and Dusty and they do that all the time. And boy they figure out VERY quickly how to get you a. angry or b. how not to walk.
    It is a matter of practicing and practicing. he is still young and sometimes they are just like...euhh not today

  3. almost lost hope yesterday...hope tomorrow will be mutch better!