Monday, April 1, 2013

My Easter Sunday Ride

Susan and Ah-D in Maine
Sunday afternoon after I was full of turkey, I spent a few minutes brushing Ah-D (yah, right) and then out on the trail we went!  This time of year, the terrain is so varied, from foot-deep snow to mud to dry, leafy ground.  Ah-D was full of P&V because he and Allie had spied my neighbor and brother-in-law up in the woods behind the paddock, and they had thought, "Oh, what a great opportunity to pretend there is a horse-eating alien in the area!" and had been charging all over the paddock, burning off their excess energy and acting like 2 year old colts instead of the staid middle-aged gentlemen they really are.

Once on the trail, I spied this tree at a distance and was intrigued.  We made our way through the woods, and I dismounted to get a better look.  Something had been eating the bark off of this tree, as evidence by all the little teethmarks all over it and tiny bark chips scattered below.
We wound around Jason's Loop #2 and then headed across the road to the Challenging Path.  Here is a picture of the low spot in the stone wall that we clamber over.

So, we squeeze between the saplings here and then I hang on to that branch coming out of the dark tree while Ah-D hops and picks his way over the rocks.  I was darn glad I had gloves on when we came back through this way.  Ah-D was going a bit fast, and when I grabbed the branch, it grabbed me back and tore my glove.  Sure glad that wasn't my hand!

We made our way down the woods and trails to this stream.  Not yet ready to cross, in my opinion.  That ice border is too thick, and I didn't want to risk it.

Here is our self-portrait of the day.  After this, we headed for home.  Ah-D was on a tear, and he gave me a really good gallop up our Running Hill.
:)  What fun!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

The End

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  1. You're quite the gymnist aren't you when you're riding! You're in much better shape than I! Love "The end" picture too! Happy Easter to you too.


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