Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding Scary Things....

Inspite of our very cold spring, yesterday was quite a nice day! It was only 35 or so, but with the sun being high and warm, it felt alot warmer. I spent most of the day outside doing chores, and decided to reward myself with a nice ride on Bear in the afternoon. It was wonderfu!

Lots of water...still waiting for the frost to come out of the ground. Although Bear is great with water, he still needed to recheck every puddle since it's been a while. =] 

I love the sound of Geese honking. =] Bear liked them too! Not much of an obstacle there. =]

On the way, we tried to find more scary things...and I remembered a line up of boats w/ tarps.
So off Bear and I went.

Bear was very good until we got really close....eek!!! He wanted to turn around and in typical Bear fashion...slowly head for home. lol. The wind was really this was a big challenge for him.
He is desensitized to tarps in the round pen but to him, this was totally different. So it was a great experience!

My trailer is unstuck from the snowbanks FINALLY, but it is very icy on the trails in the woods yet, so I decided going across the road was my only option for now. Rocky didn't get to go this time, but I let him bounce around me when we got back so he "felt" part of the ride. =]


  1. We got a foot of snow the other day and the mud underneat made it all but impossible to plow, you look to have some nicer weather and better riding conditions,Bear looks to be in awesome shape, you couldn't be spoiling him a little with some sweet feed could you???? Good pictures , thanks

  2. Bear blends right in with the springtime colors! I bet your trails will be un-iced by next week, but I am glad you have such a wonderful place to ride in the meantime. That lake is gorgeous, as are your woods.


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