Friday, February 26, 2010

Llama rounding - Curly style

Hey everyone, 

Well, we all know all work and no play makes life really my good friend, Leann, who adopted a Curly pony for granddaughter, Hayden and I get together on Fridays to have a "cowgirls playday". Hayden and her Curly friend, Cheetoe, are a perfect match. Last Friday we gifted her with her own riding Helmet.

So once we are all saddled up we go into the arena to warm up. Well, the silly Llamas, also known as the Three Wise Men - cause, they know where everyone is on the ranch at all times, decided to follow us. Cesar, Carlos and Coco le Leache, (the one that looks like chocolate milk) have a great time following the horses.  But, Leann 's Quarter horse, Fly, a Dash for Cash well bred (yes, the name really fits him - he is a winning barrel racing horse) has not yet decided if he likes Llamas. And, since Fly was attached to Cheetoe, Leann and I decided to ask the Llamas to clear the arena. 

Well, Chester really got in it and it was great training for me. Talk about multi-tasking.....juggling a camera while riding a Curly who is rounding up Llamas- yahoo,it's great fun- Curly Texas style!

The Llamas are such good sports and they were treated to lots of special treats later.  

The cowgirls playday is a Friday weekly event. What better way to start the weekend. 

Angie, Chester and her Curly Cowgirls


  1. Too cute!!
    --Amber (with Diamond & Dolly)

  2. Good for Hayden for wearing a helmet! Cheetoe and Hayden are adorable.


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