Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beautiful Easter Ride!

I was sitting at home working on a farm quilt for an upcoming Benefit and I really wasn't into it. I knew it was supposed to rain this afternoon so I put that aside and came over to the farm. After chores were done, Dad and I decided to take the horses out for a ride. It's been SO long since we were able to get out together. I ride a bit through the winter, Dad is more into doing the big rides. And that suits Allie too. But I like to keep on top of Linus (hee hee, no pun!) and that works for us. Today, he was pretty wound up so after Allie was out of the round pen I made him go round and blow off some steam. Ten minutes of bucking and farting and he was ready to listen.
We had to stay on the roads because the trails and fields are still too much a mix of mud and ice.
Wow! My big boy has a lot more gas in the tank this year. Last year we usually trailed behind a bit, except for on a trail. Not today, he had more stride in his walk and the trot left Allie almost having to canter to keep up! Linus has a very big, ground covering trot. But it is a very, very smooth trot to ride! I used to hate the trot because the horse I rode was so bouncy and sharp. I could trot all day on Linus. He wanted to canter but for our first big trip out this year we just kept it to a walk.
It was the first big ride in the new hackamore and I'm very happy to say that it worked great. Easy control and no discomfort for Linus. Our whole tack package seems to be meshing very well!
I wasn't able to get many pictures. Linus was actively looking for trails. We scared up several flocks of Canada geese and snow geese too. The horse looked at them good and then goofy Linus picked up his pace and ears forward - I think he wanted to chase them like the calves do!
I was so proud of my horse today. I cherish the partnership we have.
Happy Easter everyone!
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  1. You and Linus still make an awesome team! Glad you have worked out the bugs in your tack.


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