Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Balmy Afternoon...

Not quite as balmy as the day I took this picture of Linus, but I figured I would share it anyway since I didn't get to take any today!
We've had some roller coaster temperatures here so when I ended up with an hour and a half to spare between chores and school bus time and a sunny day that warmed to about -10C I took full advantage!!
I trialed a low-end treeless model on Linus today. While I will not commit to the saddle, I did love the seat and feel of it. He is a very wide horse and I got a draft saddle last fall but I am finding the skirt too long for him. Since he's also slimming down and muscling up, I'm kind of at a wall with saddle fit. This has been my worst part of the "young horse adventure".
Linus was happy to be out today! He was wonderfully forward but super attentive too. We saw some different critters too. We scared off some wild turkeys - which made him prance like a stud showing off for a mare (oh, big bad Linus. You showed those turkeys!) and then we turned the corner and scared up a pretty, white rabbit!! Well, that was more intriguing than anything for him! So comical!
Further on down the road there is a family who just moved into place that previously wasn't used for much. The new people have set up some fencing and have some goats. Linus was perplexed at this change in scenery and so badly wanted to go meet the goats! What a guy! I convinced him against trespassing and we had a nice finich to our ride after this.
It was SO good to be out!!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON

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