Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rding Voelie and Suri

Yesterday I had a riding lesson with Voelie again. Last time I 'rode' her was last fall. We first did some work in hand (she had lots of energy!), then saddled her and I got on her. My friend held the leadline all the time, just taking things easy, small steps. We rode arount the grounds and also once out on the driveway to the road and back (not very far), so beacuse we were off the grounds for a few steps I guess I will count it in my log as our first Trail ride ;)

Voelie did well, anoher lesson next week. I am aiming to get her ready for more serious work this summer.

some pictures of Voelie, getting ready to go

In the evening I rode Suri in the indoor arena at the neighbor's place. A nice training in walk, trot and canter, mainly ocussing on our posture.

I took a picture of us in the mirror in the arena:

A great start to the RAC and getting the horses in good shape!

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  1. Such beautiful girls you have there Jessica! So nice to see you out on them both


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