Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hello from France

Hello from Alsace in France,

Haras Heiligenmatt joined for the first time the R.A.C.
My daughter Camille (7 years old) and her curly pony (about 110 cm and 12 years in july, we imported from Canada in 2010) are really excited about that competition.
Yesterday she has been riding Sugar for a one your lesson. They do some dressage ans plays and have a lot of fun with those taking part of the lesson.
Today she was riding at home to do some little jumping practice.

I (Sandra) will participat with three of our (we have 7 curly horses) curly :
my wonderfull and precious Misty (11 years in march, 147 cm)
our so nice young curly stallion Bobeyhill (4 years in may, 148 cm)
our tall and pretty Vitiaz (6 years old in may, 162 cm)

Misty and I have our jumping lesson yesterday and she does well even if the weather was cold and the ground wet.
 On friday Bobeyhill and I were out in Forest to gallop. I'm  really proud of him, he was not afraid and have a good galopp, he is such a kind boy. 
Today I ride him at home do do some small jumping pratices, I think that in one year he will be a great riding horse do do some jumping competiton as his half sister Vitiaz.

We are so happy to join this awesome competition and so meet a lot of curly friends from a lot of countries. We are also proud to be two of the 4 French participants.

We should have a really nice and funny year riding our curly thanks to this RAC.
 Camille and Sugar (December 2014)
 Sandra and Misty (2011)
 Sandra and Vitiaz (jumping competition in September 2014)
Bobeyhill (december 2014)


  1. Beautiful curlies!!! Looking forward to reading all about them and your adventures this year!

  2. Great to see some more Curly's jumping! I think they have a natural ability and love for it. Can't wait to hear more about them. If I ever get to France (bucket list) I'll have to look you up and come see them in person!

  3. I always like your pictures (usually see them on FB too :) and I agree with CurlyEventer that it's great to see curlies jumping. That's on my 'to do' list with my horses for this year too!


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