Sunday, January 25, 2015

My 2 new to me Curlys

I am now to this breed as an owner, however  have known about curly horses for many years.   Remy is my first.  2 years of age,  not started yet as she is too young.

                                            Svarta My 2nd
Friday I met Svarta 5 years of age , for the first time.    Cody shot a recurve bow and arrow mounted on her and Svarta at a walk.   She did awesome.  Saturday I rode her for the first time.  Think I was all smiles.  Both came from Cody Killingsworth - Oklahoma                                       *American Warrior Curly Horses*


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  2. Welcome! I love their names!! Interesting saddles, especially the first one. I'm always intrigued with what tack people choose. Can you tell me a bit about their saddles please? Thanks : )


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