Monday, January 19, 2015

First Fall!

Today we finally had a break in all the rain!  Momma, Poppa, and I headed right outside after breakfast and got Daisy ready for a ride.  It was so nice out, sunny, warm, there was even a Rainbow!  Daisy was a little fidgety, so Poppa worked with her a little bit before I got on.  Then we went for my longest ride yet!  Around the yard, into one of the larger fields here, back to our driveway (a half mile long with several sizable potholes, now full of water!).  I kept wanting to take Daisy through the big potholes, so we did a lot of that.  Then we went through the apple orchard.  I am so independent, I didn’t want Momma or Poppa anywhere near me, certainly not leading or holding onto me.  While in the orchard, Daisy suddenly stepped to one side to avoid a branch and off I went on the other side.  Momma was on me like a flash, smiling comfortingly and exclaiming about what an exciting moment that was.  So, I smiled back at her, lifted my arms to her and told her “More!”, as she lifted me up and right back into Daisy’s saddle.  Momma explained that it was for that very reason that, for now, she felt safer walking near me.  So Momma and Poppa took turns staying much closer to me than I accepted from them earlier in the ride, which was ok with me.  Next we went down the whole driveway, and then I asked to stop at the bridge, where I dismounted to throw sticks and stones into the little river below.  That’s where our camera’s battery died, so no more pictures, but I had a really fun time before the rain returned and I asked for help getting back onto Daisy for a speedy return to the barn and back inside where it was warm and dry!  What a fun day!

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Committed to my Independence!

I'm not ready to go back yet, go That Way Daisy!

Heading back out, just what I wanted, Oh Yeah!

Which Way?


Walking through the Forest :-)

Learning to release so Daisy can have a sip of water

The view of the Trees is much better from up Here.

Break Time.


  1. What a precious pony to be so gentle with you! You are a brave girl for getting back on! Keep up the good riding.

  2. Thank You for saying so, although I am a boy. I love riding and am likewise glad I have such a gentle pony to help me along my baby riding days. :-)

  3. Opps sorry! You have such beautiful golden locks that remind me of my hair when I was your age. Such a handsome boy!

  4. Simple too cute for words!!! LOVE those blue eyes


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