Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello from Wisconsin!

My name is Blaine Hendrickson and this is my 3rd time competing in the RAC.  My involvement with Curly's has changed from when I first joined and it's great to look back and see how far we've come.

When I first started I had two wonderful Curly's which I still have today.

Abigail or YS Kawai is now going on 8 (can't believe it).  She is a gaited grey and all around awesome horse.  She will do anything you ask and has done just about everything.  This year I did put her up for sale because my riding has changed but until she is sold I'll be finishing her driving training and use her to exercise my baby.  She normally represents the breed at the Midwest Horse Fair but with my busy eventing schedule we just don't have time this year.

Theodorable or Theodore Obi is my main guy.  Him and I have been through so much together which has created a very trusting bond.  Theo was 2014 Horse of the Year for the CSI Beginner Novice combined training and I'm hoping this year he will do it again for Novice.   My goal for us this year is to qualify for area IV championships or nationals (heck why not).  I'd also like to do one training level event before the end of the year but that all depends on Theo.

Last spring my friend Amy and I took a long trip from WI to Vermont to pick up a very special yearling that will someday replace Theo in competitions.  Before we left I thought it would be neat to stop by Betsy Lirakis's place and see all her Curly's since we were so close.  I also had my eye on a mare she had for sale but thought my husband would never go for it.  Doesn't hurt to look right?

Well long story short I came home with two horses and my friend came home with a pony.  I'm not divorced and my husband is quite fond of both of them.

Meet Duke's Icon- 2013 1/4 Percheron 3/4 Curly cross.  He is out of BCF Icon from Canada.  Duke is towering over the mares and trying to catch up with Theo in height.  He is brave, loving, and calm.  Everything I'm looking for in my next event horse.  This summer I want to pony him off Abby to get both of them some exercise and just see the land/get exposed.  I'd also like to take him to an event so he is familiar with the sounds and sights.

My stowaway mare is none other then OYY Queen Jane, or just Jane for short.  She caught my eye the day she was listed and I could only dream about owning her.  We've had our struggles in the riding department since she is a very dominant mare but after I earned her trust and respect we have a bond even I couldn't have expected.  This year she will continue to train for eventing and do her first recognized show in May if all goes well.  She loves to jump and carried me through her first beginner novice cross country course with a clear round last fall.  Dressage will be our main focus as working and no play is not her favorite thing.

I'm very excited for 2015, so much I don't even care that it's winter!  Have fun everybody and can't wait to hear what everybody is up too!


  1. Hahahaaa, I love your comment about still being married!! Reminds me of a photo I saw "my wife wanted a horse, I didn't want a we compromised and got a horse" love it!!!
    Congrats on all your successes last year! Great to hear from you again and all the best with your goals for 2015!

  2. Love your horses, especially Theo. I hope to try out eventing too with my horses, who knows maybe this year :)

  3. Yeah !!!! awesome to see you here Blaine...good luck for your 2015 show season....happy trails....and...haha! love the husband comment....mine told me the other day "if there is a horse you want you have my permission" I have never done him wrong in the horse world.....and...haha! I really do not need his permission...but his support is AWESOME !!!!!

  4. Love your write up Blaine! So very much looking forward to following your eventing adventures! Eventing has been on our "to-do" list for a few years now, really hoping this year we can actually get to it also. So much Fun! Super appreciate your "still married" comment. Had a similar experience with a couple of Curly Mustangs recently. Not only am I still married, but my husband found "the horse bug" himself and is now even more supportive and involved than ever before. Likewise, we are really excited and looking forward to this 2015 year training, riding, and growing together even more as a family. :-) Happy Obstacles to You!
    ~Heather (and Zak & Torleif too)


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