Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trail ride

I had a nice trail ride today. Suri had lot's of enery! It was sunny this morning with rain expected this afternoon so we went out early!
Because it had frozen lots of people scraping ice off the car windows (we pass a large parking lot where there is about 1 meter between the cars and the horse trail :) so that was a new sound for Suri to get used to.
Because it was the first sunny morning in quite a while lots of people were out. We shared the trail with about 150 people on mountainbikes, several groups of joggers, people walking their dogs etc.

Because Suri was so energetic and also I was wearing thick gloves I did not take the camera out today. I hope to get some nice pictures of our scenery soon.


  1. Sounds nice that you ride in same trail with joggers, mountainbikes and all. Good for Suri to see all that :)

  2. Wow that's awesome exposure Jessica!! I was going to try to get out today but it just didn't warm up enough. Tomorrow is supposed to be above 0 (right now it's -20) so I'm hoping for tomorrow!

    1. Riding in the NL is usually lot's of exposure. We live in such a densely populated country that the whole country is used as efficiently as possible. For example in the woods the trail runs parallel to the highway, railroad and bikepath :) We have several tunnels to go under the highway and several railroad crossings to get to the next area for riding. Furter away the trails are also used as military training grounds and also a recreation area where many people fly their kites and model airplanes.


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