Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ride with Me or Freeze with Me?

I fully intended to ride today and the recent snowfall was making the nearby snowmobile trail seem like the perfect destination. However, Mother Nature did not agree. Now I love winter, I have a hard time keeping warm so I really layer up, but it is my favourite riding season. Funny thing is, Linus seems to prefer it too. But, in -22C weather, I don't ride! 
So, we did some ground play instead. More work on refining our bow and preparations for the "knee down" we will do next. 

We did ride earlier in the week several times while I tried out some different saddles on Linus. He is a hard horse to fit because of his width. But, his shape is still changing because he's still a young horse. Above is the saddle I have chosen (for now! Haha) it had the nicest fit and feel for us both. He is also modeling the set I got for Christmas from my hubby. Black, barb wire tooled bridle and breastcollar. I was trying to get a black saddle too but fit is more important than colour. Next will be to clean and oil it and put on my new stirrups (also a Christmas gift!) 
I highly doubt we will ride tomorrow....unless it unexpectedly warms up!! but, chores must be done and I'll be out there all bundled up again anyway so i'll probably do some more ground games!! : )
Donna & Linus
Antarctica....i mean Ontario...

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  1. If what was here today gets there tomorrow, you should have a nicer day! He is gorgeous! Can't wait to see a picture of the knee down!


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