Saturday, January 24, 2015

Riding High!

Wow what a beautiful break in the weather we have been enjoying!! The only downside is we have lost so much snow in the milder weather. An early morning calf brought me out before usual on a Saturday but that meant I also had a chance to get out for a ride too once the new Mama and her baby and all the rest were looked after! 
I texted nearby Karalee to make sure the trail was ok to use and in good shape. The local snowmobile trail runs through part of their property and she is kind enough to allow and even encourage us to use it. PERFECT winter footing since they are groomed trails!! 

Linus is ready to go!!

He was such a good boy as we headed up the road. I expected him to be forward and he was, but not too much and not in a way that made me feel he wasn't listening. He was even super good when I stopped to tighten up his cinch with snowmobiles in the distance. 

Look at that beautiful, hoof polishing footing!

This was the scene of our very first canter last year! What a time that was!
We of course got up to a canter and then a gallop today, but then I had to slow Linus down a bit. Reason for this in shown in the next picture:

HAHAHAAA!! We had such a wonderful time on the trails. We didn't even meet a snowmobile. We crossed over the road Karalee lives on and then continued until the trail got kind of mucky at a swampy spot. I wasn't comfortable continuing and we had almost reached the highway anyway so it was a good time to turn around. Linus wasn't too keen on turning around since he likes to keep seeing new things, but I easily convinced him I was right!

We decided to take the roads home and not long after we started up the road, a snowplow came along. He came over the hill so fast that I didn't have time to decide if I should get off or go to the other side of the road or what. I turned Linus to face it so he could see what was coming, in retrospect, I wish I had just turned his head and kept him faced away. He handles big trucks better that way. He did good though and just spun around and did a bit of a jig. Given the speed the truck was going and the fact that he didn't move over, I didn't get on Linus' case about it. He was safe and I remained safe and I am happy with that! 

Then a familiar car came over the hill right after and it was Karalee!! She knew we were out and when she saw the snowplow clipping along (doing what exactly I am not sure)she came along to make sure we were ok. Now that's a true friend and good neighbour!! I have to credit her for the photo below. And she didn't even cut either of our heads off! Way to go Karalee!! HAHAAA

That bright helmet cover sure helps keep me visible to traffic! I ordered my son a blue one but they were on clearance and colour wasn't guaranteed. It was kind of whatever was left they would send. Owen was less than impressed with the peacock blue and sparkly cover that did come in!! Haha, so I swapped my plain black one and turns out it fit his helmet better and this one fit my helmet better so it worked out!

I think I mentioned for the past year that we have been rehabbing Linus' feet. I am loving these beautiful hoofprints! Look so much better than last year! As do his hooves. 
I also noticed that had I done a ride like the one today, last winter Linus would have worked up a sweat. Today he didn't! In the time since the last RAC, we have been working on his conditioning as well as those hooves. The results are definitely showing and I am so pleased. 
When we got back, I was on that high that only comes from having such a wonderful time out with your favourite horse! As I tell my son, I sure am one lucky ducky!

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