Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finland Curlies

Finland is in and blogging and riding :)

We really make a kikcstart today! I haven't been riding for a while and today I wanted to ride and start RAC. It was slippery in arena and roads and trails, so we went to the fields, they ware snowy instead of icey. What was the kickstart was that my litle horse have never been in fields alone and never been ridden on the fields, so it was very big step to us, and Iam so happy and proud of my fine curlyhorse :) (pic was taken when we ware comming home and spend some quality time, and it was comming dark. I take better pic later)

My curly is Yuma/Pallas Yama. I have had him sins he was 2, he will be 6 in may. He is very  special to me, and become even moor special in last september when I find out that he is PSSM positive. Because of he's disorder he need a bit moor  taking care than other horses, one is, he need exersice every day. I was going to join to curly and me - group, but make a mistake, so we are in no competitive group ;) Anyway my goal is just enjoy our rides and time I spend with Yuma. I also enjoy reading this blog :)

Pleasant rides to fellow RAC teams
Eeva and Yuma


  1. Yuma is beautiful and congratulations on your first big ride out!!! What an awesome feeling!! Our horses are the same age, mine will also be 6 in May : )

    1. Thanks Donna, and I remember Linus very well :)

  2. always nice to ride in a new place with your horse. Do you have a special regime for feeding because of the pssm? I read a lot about it lately, I guess it is getting more known recently. I am thinking of having my horses tested just to make sure.


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