Friday, January 30, 2015


Hey there!  Better late than never; right?  I'm Janeen and live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, not too far from Denise Conroy.  It's all her fault that I have two Curlies!  One is a 11 year old gelding by the name of Corky and my picture on here is of him and I in our first year of running speed.  I always said I wouldn't do barrels, but at the age of 52 years young I decided to get it off my bucket list.  On Corky I can do anything is my motto!  We haven't broke any speed records, but he likes it and we have fun!  Him and I have done a couple of parades as of this last summer and then we trail ride all the time!  I hope to continue all that with Cork this year!

My second Curly is a mare named Willow.  She's approximately 6 years old and came from a rescue.  She's quite the card!  She came to the rescue with 30 other horses, which about 12 were identifiable Curlies.  She was maybe a year, two years old and scored a one for weight.  All were extremely thin.  She evidently wasn't mistreated, just not trained and fed at the time.  We adopted her about 18 months ago.

I took some video of her so you can see how inquisitive she is.

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  1. Love your Curlies Janeen and their different personalities! So awesome that you decided to get into speed and barrels. The smile speaks more than the time posted in my books!


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