Sunday, January 18, 2015

For Bethany

My reason for choosing a Curly was because my husband is allergic to horses. When I was looking for a horse I came across an ad for a hypoallergenic foal being offered for sale. I was very lucky that Linus was born a "smooth-coated male" or he would never have been offered for sale.
My favourite part about the Curly breed is their personality! They just love people, they love learning, they are easy to train and so curious about everything. They have so many other awesome traits too, but I am a big fan of how personable they are.
I do not breed.
My least favourite part about the breed is difficult because they are so wonderful! But, I would have to say it is how the extremes lose their hair. Not so much for looks, but I know of some who have a hard time with climate change due to the lack of hair to protect from the sun/wind/snow.
My plans for my Curly. I have had Linus since he was a foal and it was always my long-term plan to raise, train and just thoroughly enjoy him!! He will retire with me! I would have been happy just riding him around the local area but I have a great group of friends that I ride with and we have all now done some big fundraising rides, parades and have even talked about doing some clinics. The future is an open door for us! I am for trying anything with Linus and I think he is too!

Good Luck with your project Bethany!!: )

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  1. Donna Thank You So Much! Everyone is being so helpful about this and it means so much to me. I cannot wait to put everything together and present it to everyone :)


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