Tuesday, January 20, 2015

They work themselves....

A huge thank you to everyone who responded to my last post, you have all helped more than you know.

Well it turns out that I didn't have to work any horses this morning because they decided to work themselves!  All eight of them managed to get out and go running a mile or so down the road.  they were exhausted when they got back and thankfully after an hour or two they all seem fine even though it's only ten degrees out.  Maybe next time they will stop and think before exhausting themselves again.  Here's to hoping that they are ready to do some actual work this week.


Dancer (one of our 3 minis) just had to say hello!  And Honey is really looking thick build with all of those curls! :)  All in all i'd say it's not been a bad day, even if they decided to work themselves.

My final question and perhaps thought that I will leave you with is......Do you blanket your Curly in the cold winter months?  Why or why not?

Thanks all!
Lots of love from Honey and Me


  1. Oh I remember the days chasing horses in the morning before work...I feel for ya. Glad they are all okay.

    Your questions:
    Yes and no
    I do blanket Theo because his coat if very fine and he tends to not get a full coat until late Jan. He is generally trace clipped as well so I give him extra protection for that. The other reason I blanket him is because he is a hard keeper so I want to prevent weight loss due to trying to stay warm.
    My other 3 are not blanketed and had no issues when it was 20 below with the wind chill. They do fine with rain, snow, wind etc. Hope that helps!

  2. Is there a particular name for the marking on her hip? I ask because Linus has a large fist sized and Loonie sized dark spot on his rump called a Ben D'Or spot.
    I do blanket our 3 horses only if the wind is high and the temperatures are really frigid. Like worse than -25C or so. Linus would probably be ok. Of all 3 horses (smooth Curly, Arab and Paint) Linus by far has the best coat and I have never seen him shiver or show signs of being bother by the cold. In fact, our favourite riding season is winter!

  3. It's called a somatic marking. It's a genetic mutation that causes for a random area of a different color. She's got a small quarter sized one on her shoulder as well as this big one.

    Thank you for your help! :)

  4. We provide good shelter, block from the wind and really inclement weather. We do not blanket though, here is a great article as to why we do not: http://thesoulofahorse.com/blog/a-amazing-article-on-why-horses-should-not-be-blanketed-in-winter/
    Especially considering the origins of the Curly horses, on the wild ranges of some of the most severe weathered states in the United States, and doing well there, we don't think it is necessary, and as the article points out actually detrimental to their well being and ability to regulate their own internal temperature and other functions.


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