Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello from Idaho

Hello everyone, I am excited to again participate in the RAC. My farm was once a bustling curly breeding operation, but we retired and I have 2 wonderful curly mares...My "big" horse is a home bred curly mare, *C-C SkyBlue Dun Legacy ...who was literally born during dinner on Mother's Day back in 2006. She is 9 this year. "Legacy" was started under saddle and successfully show in dressage before I decided I would realize a life long dream and have a carriage driving horse of my own. Legacy and I have been driving since fall of 2011. Legacy and I love to learn and frequently take lessons and compete when possible. She is literally a dream come true for me. At 15.3HH she is a tall girl, she comes from BLM/appy and Joe Mead lines.

The photo above was from one of our first competitions..the lady beside me gave lessons the next day, so Legacy and I participated. Looking back at this photo I realize how we have "grown" as a team,  nearly all my equipment has changed and our knowledge has skyrocketed..... At home we have limited ground to drive on, as we live in very steep country.

This photo is Legacy and I driving at a friend's farm...they have nicer ground to drive on. I have several clinics and competitions and just fun days planned for 2015.

Next up is my "pony" mare...literally!  *OYY Classy Lady came from Betsy Lirakis' program. "Lady" was started to drive by Betsy and then shipped to our farm to continue her driving ways. At 13.2HH Lady is a real contrast to Legacy...but they both are incredible mares and very, very fun to drive.  Lady is not near as far along in her training, so there will be lots of post about Lady and my progress. She will also travel to clinics and competitions this year and fun play days beside. Lady is also ridden by my Grandsons......that is something that is just starting out too.

My cart for Lady has been a work in progress, so I don't have any driving photos of her least not any to my standards!  Photography is another love of mine,  esp equine photography.....I am excited to hear news of everyone's adventures...I had hoped to start the RAC year off with great posts...but life gave our family a difficult situation this, I will start my RAC posts later in the month!  and......THANK YOU Denise, for returning RAC to the curly world.  Happy trails everyone!


  1. Wow, I was surprised to read Legacy is 15.3 I always thought she was more pony sized from your previous pictures! I've learned something new already! Good luck developing your mares this year Linda : )

  2. Oh, I'm so excited your participating in the RAC this year too Linda! So very much looking forward to reading about You, Legacy, and Lady's driving adventures!!!
    Wishing your family well through this week.
    Best Wishes,
    The Smiths.

  3. We both have Top of the Hill horses to work with this year. It's funny how much Lady reminds me of Jane or shorter and spotted of course.

  4. Great pictures of the driving, looking forward to reading an learning from your progress with Lady!


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