Monday, January 26, 2015

Linus' Bow

I like to dabble with some trick training when it's too cold to ride, I'm injured and can't ride or when I don't have enough time to ride!! Sometimes it slips away from me and I forget we were doing it but luckily, Linus has proven to be not only a fast learner, but very good at his lesson retention too!! 
I started with the bow trick about a year or more ago. Then we dropped it for a long time because we were busy with other training. Today, we got back to it!! I was not only impressed by him easily remembering it but we moved on from it being a treat led action to a command led action. So rather than have him follow my hand with a treat while saying bow, I pointed where I wanted his head to go and said bow. The first few weren't perfect but I just pushed his head away if he tried to come to me and he got it!! Such a great feeling when they remember what we teach! Next, we will be working on a one knee bow...hopefully it doesn't take me a year to get to it! 

Following our refresher we took a walk down to the mailbox. We do go for a lot of in-hand walks. It is good exercise for both and I always believe the foundation of your relationship is from the ground! I stopped several times there and back as well as at the road to ask for the bow and he willingly obliged!! 
Love this guy!
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg, ON

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  1. Awsome job Donna! hoping as weather gets better we can do some group training and riding with you!


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