Thursday, January 15, 2015

Torleif's introduction from Mimir's Grove in Olympia, WA

Hi, my name is Torleif, and I will be two years old in exactly one month from today.  I love "Orses" and especially riding my mini-Curly Appaloosa, Daisy.

My parents (Momma and Poppa, aka Heather & Zak) and I own and operate Mimir's Grove.  We’ve been raising, training, and promoting Curly Horses since 2006 (long before I was born), when my Momma got her first three Curlies, Xandra, Epona, and Lyra.  She’s been hooked ever since, which is terrific for me, as I’ve gotten to be around them since I was born.
Meeting the Curlies (Xandra specifically) at a week of age.

My first independant Curly (Eos) ride at two months old.

Helping Momma gentle Bjorgen, pic taken yesterday.

I love riding Daisy!

Aren't We a terribly cute pair?!

"That way Daisy"

This is the Life for Me!

There are many things happening at our place, if you’d like to learn more about some of my other adventures (including helping my parents gentle and train two recently wild caught Curly Mustang stallions for future riding and driving endeavors) please check in at our website: or follow us on facebook:

My goal for this year’s Ride-A-Curly competition is to continue learning how to ride and improve on my independent communication skills with my pony.  I’ll be helping my parents with training a few of our other Curly Horses to ride as well and will share those adventures too.  We currently have 10 Curly Horses, as some of the others’ training progresses they will eventually be offered for sale, again, you can learn more about them on our website.  None are for sale now though, just learning, like Me!  I’m really looking forward to all of the quality Curly Horse time I’ll be sharing with my parents this year, our family has a lot of plans, adventures, and outings planned for 2015 and can’t wait to share our stories with you here!! 

Happy & Safe Ride A Curly Adventures to All of You!!
PS, my name is pronounced TorlAf, it is Norse for "Thor's descendant"

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