Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello from the Netherlands

I am exited to start the RAC 2015! 
I was planning on taking a picture of my curly ‘herd’ this morning on the first day of the RAC but they were all in their shelter because of the rain. I will take a nice picture when the weather clears up but will introduce my horses here using some pictures I already had!

JB Rosies Lagavulin, or Voelie as I call her, is a 5 year old curly mare. She is the first foal I bred and now is a mother herself! I have ‘ridden’ her (sat on and walked around) 3 times last fall and am looking forward to getting her in training and really ready as a riding horse.

At the moment Voelie is still nursing her 2014 colt JB Ben Finlaggan (Finnie) . He is the new baby of the family and is a lovely fun boy.

Last but not least is Missouri’s Sunshine, Suri. I imported her from Sweden in 2011 and she has been my riding horse since then. I am planning on doing as many new things as possible with her this year and really get her in a fit riding condition (she was a bit overweight last year as I did not ride very intensively). I started this evening with some arena work with Suri, she did well and was flexing nicely. We also practiced our side passes and everything to get her more supple.
Luckily the neighbor has an indoor arena so even when it is dark and muddy outside I have a place to ride!

I am looking forward to a year of RAC fun and look forward on reading all the stories on the RAC blog. 

Jessica, The Netherlands


  1. Oh its going to be so nice following your beautiful curly herd again!! I remember when it was just Suri and I also remember when Voelie was a baby! I did a double take reading she's already 5! Have a great year Jessica!

    1. Actually Voelie will be 5 in april so she's almost five :)

  2. Lovely Curlies You have there, so looking forward to following your progress with them!! :-)
    Best Wishes,
    ~The Smiths

  3. I love the baby he is so cute! The curls just get me...
    I can understand the out of shape my mare was breathing hard going a mile today...We need the RAC to motivate us!

    1. I sure bennefit from the RAC encouragement and motivation!

  4. I have a warm feeling because my foundation girl (Portuguese Water Dog) is from the Netherlands! I will love to follow and get to 'know' another lady from the Netherlands! Love the internet!


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