Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jump Around

Stadium jumping is my least favorite part about eventing.  Most riders will tell you cross country and stadium are at the top of the list and then dressage.  I'm just odd.  I'd rather do two dressage tests and just never do stadium if I could.

I used to think the hardest part about stadium was remembering the course...boy was I wrong.  Last year Theo and I struggled with stadium and we always had two rails down by the end.  Those two rails were generally verticals, simple one jump verticals.  Really?  

So many things were wrong in this photo, but trust me Theo was trying win the Kentucky Derby around this stadium course so my position started to get compromised at the end.  All I want this year is one clear stadium round.  After this weekend I think that can be possible.  Not only did I FINALLY see my distances, I learned to ride through the jump not just up and over it.  Now hopefully I can retain that and not over think it.

The jumps are only going to get bigger so I need to get this stadium down now.  We have another lesson tomorrow but it will be on dressage (Yay).

Dressage to me is fun.  I love learning to control different parts of my body and communicate with my horse.  This weekend we worked on sitting trot and my bum/core is a little sore now but it's all worth it.  Theo takes to dressage really well and tells on me all the time if I'm not truly riding.

Here is a little video of me "getting it".  I was pretty excited at the end.

The great thing about going to clinics in the winter is everybody comments on Theo's hair!  I get everything from "man is he sweaty" to "what kind of horse is that!"  It's a great opportunity to educate horse people about Curly's and to show them what they can do!

With everybody driving I've been inspired to work with Abby again.  I have my cart back from my friends house and just need to find a missing trace and readjust the harness before I hook her up.  Until then I'll be working from the ground refreshing her Whoa and turning commands.  She really is a great driving horse and seems to really enjoy it.

Her tail is disgusting...can't really wash it this time of year though.   Believe it or not it gets white :-)  When I first got her she had itched all her tail off and just had enough covering the tail bone.  With Dermal-Aid and keeping it tied up in the winter it's down to the ground.  I decided not to tie it up this winter and a huge chunk got broken off by her hocks so it's thinner at the bottom then normal.

Can't wait to start driving her again, especially to get the mail!   Now where could that trace be....moving problems....

I'm also helping my friend finish her Curly mare Sam I Am.  She hasn't blogged yet (pretty busy) so I won't go into to much detail but this mare is going to be a rock star!  We have already cantered and she improves so much each time I ride her.  Her gaits are amazing and she is so willing to learn.  Look out for Sam in the show ring!

Lessons tomorrow at our barn with our trainer!  Can't wait to work Jane in the indoor.


  1. Oh yey! So happy to have you and Theo back! I LOVED reading about your evening last year and shared your video with your helmet cam during the cross country course with a bunch of people!
    I liked the sound of that clinician. He stayed unemotional, told you what you needed to do, was clear and let you work at it. Nice!
    And don't we have a tendancy to work on the things that are 'easier' to us! And sort of back burner the hard ones... but I betch you'll see EVERYTHING improve now that you are getting the stadium! I can't wait for more videos. I'm staying tuned!!!!

    Oh yes... LOL and the "oh my! He's sweaty!" comment... hehhehe I love that one! Sometimes I forget how 'strange' he must look to people. I'm so used to mine now that it doesn't seem 'different'!

  2. Excellent work!!! You must be so anxious for the season to begin! You've got two great horses for sure. I love watching the eventing, especially cross-country.
    I now full "get" the white thing too! I haven't had to think about keeping white hair clean since I showed Holsteins many many years ago!! My son got a Paint horse last year though and her legs are mostly white : /
    Thank goodness she has a lot of black!

  3. Love this Blaine, I can not wait to see Abby pulling her cart ;-0 I have hidden tack items all the time....lol...now where is that trace?

  4. I also meant to say......I think eventers are a bit like combined drivers. they all hate dressage...but...I LOVE it....I love the learning how to improve my horse and pony, watching it happen and reaping the rewards of a horse and pony in good condition, strong and willing to do the job,

    1. I think combined drivers are crazy!!! :-) In a good way but seriously you couldn't pay me enough to do that.


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