Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ride With Me

My ride today didn't quite go as planned.  Earlier this week Ms Willow has decided that she is not going to stay inside the fence if I'm with any other horse.  I'm not quite sure what changed.  This video shows her pacing as I'm sitting on Corky.  Previous to this she had played with the gate chain pulling on it, she had grabbed a piece of wire that is used to hook the gate over a pole and pulled.  She had run all over as I had saddled up, checking up on her.  I took about 20 minutes to saddle because of her antics.

So Cork and I rode around the barn and that was it.  :(  I was bummed because it was one of the nicest days we're supposed to have for a while, but sometimes you have to go with the horse or showed up....or in this case the pasture mate that showed up!

Janeen, Willow and Cork in Michigan


  1. I know the issue has to be addressed but, have you tried ponying her?? From my understanding, your property is quite secluded so is letting her tag along freely an option?
    As annoying as it is, you just gotta appreciate how darn smart she is!! That is one clever mind to be thinking up all these ways to get through the fence without being shocked!

  2. Donna, Denise and I talked about the same thing this afternoon. I would have tried just going out today and seen if she actually stayed put, but our road is a section of the snowmobile trail and today there was quite a bit of activity for our area, so opted not to take the chance. I am heavily leaning toward making her my main horse for this year at least and get her training secured. So at this point I believe you will be seeing alot of Willow! I did think about getting her out after I put Cork back, but decided I didn't want her to think she could throw a fit and get out. So tomorrow I'll work with her first and then another horse and see how that goes.

  3. I don't know her and i'm no expert, but it sure seems like she wants to work and wants to be the one going out! Boy she sure has turned into a beautiful mare. Gorgeous looks and too smart for her own good!! Linus acts like this if I take one of the other horses out. I never took Allie out before getting Cookie because I know he'll go over or through the fence or gates to be with me. Sometimes it's classed as insecurity in the horse left behind but in his case I think it is just as much that as it is his own desire to be out. He loves going and he has a pretty severe jealousy case too!! Lol
    Maybe the "you wanna go, let's go" attitude would be good here? You want to work Willow?? We're gonna work!


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