Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Too cold to ride

With This frigid weather it’s too cold to saddle up my youngster, however never to cold for some groundwork between chores, We have always had babies born on the farm and work hands on with each of them however most we minis and sold after weaned. I have raised a few drafts up and waiting for them to be gelded to continue their training and being able to take them out and about as with mares around. As I posted earlier i purchased my first curly in September of this past year and had him broke by a friend and have continued to bond and work with him since. Each day is a rewarding day as each day he’s is learning something new or I’m learning about him. He was checking out the fence ling the other day as the neighbor was walking by on the road so i decide what a opportunity to try and see if he would do some side passes from the ground. With my carrot stick in hand and him looking towards the fence we started it at first he questioned me but with him minutes we were going up and down the fence side passing along the way. We have also been spending a lot of time with the carrot stick desensitizing him to touch and ropes and items around him. Does anyone have any other great training ideas for the carrot stick that they would like to pass along?


  1. Good for you for playing even though it's cold!! Just 15 minutes a day, by the warmer temperatures, you guys will be amazing!!!
    And the riding will just fall into place like nothing!
    I haven't had time to post yet, but I'm in eastern Ontario and graduated Level 3 Parelli this past fall :-) (going for L4 this year;-)
    The sky is the limit. Are you looking different ways to use the carrot stick in a friendly game? Or games to play?

    1. Where in eastern ontario are you located and games and learning would be good

  2. Carrot sticks are fun! A great training tool!! Great progress you've made already!! And I agree, groundwork is something we do more of in the winter when it is often too cold to ride!


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