Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another Intro

Thanks Janeen!  You are right, better late than not at all!

I'm Cyndi from (near) Ottawa, Canada.  Stay at home Mom of two young children.  We breed Portuguese Water Dogs and have 2 horses.  One Arab and One Curly.  Both Geldings.
My Curly 'Sunny' is my main squeeze!  He is my main riding horse and equine partner extrodinaire!

I got him 'by accident' from a lovely family that had bought him and his brother thinking they would train them for riding.  The lady ended up pregnant with their third child and then their fourth!  Well, you can imagine that there wasn't a lot of time for horse training.
I found Sunny listed for 'trade' as they wanted a pony for their eldest daughter.  I contacted them and asked if they would just sell him (as I didn't have a pony to trade).  I had NO CLUE what a Curly horse was!  NO idea!  I had looked it up after seeing the ad.  Just went to Wikipedia!  LOL  It sounded intriguing!  The breed sounded like my beloved Water Dogs!  Just like when I first heard about Portuguese Water dogs.. I had no clue what they were! and once I did - I fell in love and haven't looked back since.  I feel the SAME WAY ABOUT CURLIES!
Sunny is not an extreme.  I don't really know what you call his type...  he keeps his curly mane all year and keeps his tail but gets body curls in the winter and goes straight hair in the summer.

my two kids playing in the summer

Below is Donna and Linus!  We live fairly close to each other and have attended the same event for 2 years in row.  Pink Ribbon Ride to support Breast Cancer.  

He's pretty straight in the summer

He loves the water!  And we dug a pond for dogs, horses and kids to play in!

We have taught him to drive...  

I am a Parelli Student.  Graduated Level 3 this past fall.  I have a Parelli Playground where I can play!

In the playground, horses, dogs and kids!  All enjoying time together.

I have done some Ex. Cowboy clinics with him and done very well.  But we are not quite ready for such precision yet.  I haven't really transitioned him to a bit yet.  I will this season so we can have more precision and refined communicaiton.

I ride mostly Western but I can ride english too.  
I am lucky to keep him at home with me so I can enjoy lots of time with him. 
We have started building our Trick repetoire too and he knows several tricks now.  
Bow, Lay down, Pick things up (unmounted and mounted), Spin, and our most recent Rear up.  

Anyhow, that's my intro.  I may not post too much but I will certainly be enjoying reading all of your adventures!!!  
Thanks Denise, for having this great Blog!

Cyndi and Sunny in Eastern Ontario, Canada


  1. He's such a great guy! You've got an awesome spot back there Cyndi!! Looking forward to reading about your journey to level 4!

  2. Ditto what Donna said! I love your playground! I so wish I had one. I will be looking forward to your posts!

  3. Thanks Gals! Bit by bit eh, no matter what we are doing with our horses... just a little at a time - goes a long way!


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