Friday, January 16, 2015

Family Day Riding Curlies

Today I got to help Momma warm up her Curly mare, Memri (BCF Enjolique Remember Me).  I was very firm with Momma that I could do it by myself, I don’t think Momma anticipated me being so confident, independent, and being up there for so long, hence she didn’t get me in my riding helmet ahead of time.  After a couple of pictures she helped me get my helmet on and then I got to actually ride up with Momma!!  I had so much fun, we get to go a bit faster that way, which I really enjoy!  Midway through the ride my appetite caught up with me and I just Had to have a snack, lucky for me, it’s portable, so I got to nurse and ride at the same time!!  Momma said she’s really proud of how brave I am and also of how well Memri did with all of the additional “stimuli” to today’s ride.  While we were riding, Memri’s filly, Eir (MG SandEir) got to wear Daisy’s saddle to help desensitize her and continue her training, she loved it!  Too bad it’ll be a couple of years before anyone actually gets to ride her, since she’s still a baby.  She got to nurse during our ride too!!  Poppa was riding his Curly mare Ravyn (SGR Ravyn H Taltos) while all of this was happening, so today was my first real family ride!!  Really glad Grandpa Jeff was able to come over and play today, so we could have a couple of pictures to commemorate the day.  I really love my Grandpa a lot, hopefully he’ll get to ride a Curly with me soon too!! 

Look, a plane!

Eir practicing

Poppa on Ravyn, Me and Momma on Memri

Snack Time

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  1. The pictures remind me of me riding with my mom when I was a kid, love it :)


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