Thursday, January 15, 2015

Torleif's start to the 2015 R-A-C!!

Today was the start to the R-A-C Competition.  My Momma got Daisy out of the field for me and then we groomed her together, Daisy stood very politely for me, despite Kaeru (our Black Welsh Mountain Sheep lamb, born January 3, 2015) leaping about and chasing the chickens nearby.  Then Momma, Poppa, and I went for a little adventure, Me riding Daisy.  At first my parents tried to help me by directing Daisy, or holding a pant cuff on me, I kept telling them “No” and if they kept trying to help I took both reins in one hand and pushed them away with my free hand before taking the reins in each hand again.  So, to kick off this year’s Ride-A-Curly contest I rode completely independently for the very first time.  Lucky for me Daisy is really nice to me and went where I pointed (rein still in hand), stopped when I pulled back, and walked on when I said “kick, kick, kick” which is apparently how you get ponies to walk forward, or at least that’s what Momma and Poppa kept saying, so that’s what I said.  We walked all over our property, up and down a couple of small hills, down the driveway, weaving between a couple of puddles and then a couple of straw bales out in a field.  When we got back to the main riding area we walked over a small log obstacle, that was So Much FUN!  When we were all done with the riding, Momma untacked Daisy and groomed her, paying special attention to Daisy’s favorite itchy spots, and then I helped lead Daisy back out to her friends.  This was a perfect continuation of my riding adventures with Daisy, I can’t wait to go ride her again!!

Happy & Safe Ride A Curly Adventures to All of You!!

Pre-Ride grooming, Daisy wants Kaeru to settle down.

I can't wait to be able to jump my pony like Kaeru jumps!

I'm so Happy to be riding Daisy!!!

Poppa, Me on Daisy, and Momma

Completing a little obstacle - so Fun!! "more!"


  1. Good for you riding by yourself! Keep it up! :)

  2. Wow, so independent! Great little rider in the making here!


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