Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's Freezing!

Happily munching hay 
Well so much for any riding this weekend or next week. We had temperatures of -25 here last night and tonight is supposed to be colder! Horses aren't too happy to be in but it's much too cold to leave them out, oh well.  I  managed to snap a pic of Honey snacking outside yesterday morning and she look so good :) Also got one of her last night with her mouth full of grain looking like a chipmunk!  Hopefully temps here will start to warm up but only time will tell.
Chipmunk :)

xoxo- Honey & Bethany


  1. It sure is a chilly one here too! It's currently -21C
    We may just end up doing some groundwork today! Hopefully you can get out soon!!

  2. Honey is beautiful! I'm sorry you can't get out to join us today one way or the other! Hopefully it warms up soon!


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