Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again (almost)

First event of the year - Student of the Horse Horsemanship Clinic. I participated with our stud, Traveler, and my husband gamely came along with his horse, Joker. It was great to get out and be out once again - out of the mud and the wind - and back at it. Practiced indirect and direct training in the round pen with other horses (mares) and spectators - Traveler was pretty good. Only took a couple of flying Lipazanner-like leaps when I asked him to canter. Lots of ground work, flexion, lots of desenitizing, lots of re-establishing our communication. Joker did well too - although in the middle of trotting a circle he stopped and literally forgot what he was doing, what direction he was going and where exactly he was. It took a minute and then it all flooded back to him. Clearing out all our cobwebs. And I probably had the most. Two weeks we start our intense training at Spokane Sporthorse. Good grief - I have a ways to go.


  1. HI Liz! Sounds like a great event to start the year off...clearing out the cobwebs, plenty of ground work, getting back in sync and I especially like the part about being out of the mud and wind! All good prep work for your intense training. Now that sounds like fun! Enjoy the journey.

  2. Hey Liz!! Great to see you out and about! =] Great you did this with your hubby - what fun!

  3. Liz, Traveler is handsome as all get out! I am partial to beautiful full blazes. Yes, you are in for a lot of "work" - but OH, how much FUN will it be!!!


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