Saturday, February 13, 2010

brrrr but a good day anyway

Sunny and windy here! Without the wind it would be downright balmy but with the wind no amount of layers keeps the chill out! Worked with Stacy and Elsa for a couple of hours. The first lesson/demo was how to play our version of the catching game in a 10 acre field. Stacy could get Elsa to come to her for a treat but not to stand to be haltered or even petted. So I handed her Mocha and demonstrated how to "work" the horse into thinking being caught is their idea! What fun! Then we took the lesson into our small arena/large round pen which is sheltered under a lean-to. I demonstrated the principles of how to get a horse to join up with Elsa. This was good practice as Elsa said she was not sure about what she was expected to do. In short order, however, she got it and Stacy took over. By the end of the session both Elsa and Stacy were more relaxed and I believe had learned something!
Mean time Mocha was busily chowing down on a tub of hay while loose amongst the farm implements, cats and vehicles. He did great! I did not have to worry about him getting in trouble or running off - the one time he wandered he only went as far as the bed of my truck where he could smell the horse treats but could not figure out how to open the topper! The big moose even tried to paw his way in at which point I walked over, caught him and tethered him on his 30 foot grazing line! Hope to get back on top of Mocha on Monday - better weather and sun!
And to weigh in on the smartwool sock thing .... I have worn them for years! I love them! I can get them readily should it become to big of an issue but suggest trying sporting goods stores - snowshoers and cross-country skiers use them all the time. Online, Sierra Trading Post carries them. REI has them - my guess is Cabela's too. I so totally sympathize with Harold saying it nice to have warm toes even in tennis shoes!

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