Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovin' it!!

Well, unfortunately it was a relatively quiet week for Linus and I. It was so busy off the farm that we were unable to log a whole lot of time. But, I didn't feel too bad about that because Linus had a pretty big weekend prior to this slow week...and he is still a baby!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday allowed for more time together. And wowee did we get to make some great progress!! Friday, Linus had another brief but happy lesson in cross-ties. I tied him in a different place this time too just to avoid having too much routine. I groomed him and briefly picked up his feet. Then we did some figure 8's to work on us moving together and him not crowding my space. It was a happy session.

Saturday was busy! I worked at the Post Office, had a bull of mine delivered to his new home and drove my husband to the airport for a business trip to Turkey. By the time this was all done I didn't have much daylight left to play with Linus. I did go visit him though, gave him an apple and did some move to pressure work in his outdoor pen.

Sunday. Busy again. Took a heifer for her last road trip (nicest way to say it..unfortunate when you're a beef cow!) when we got back we did up the chores then I finally had some time to really work with Linus. Owen was in the house playing with his big cousin so I had all the time I wanted and took full advantage of the opportunity.

First I let Linus out with the cows for a little bit to let him "get out the jitters". This worked but the cows didn't really want him around the young calves so I took him to another field to have some exercise. He is so gorgeous in action! Then I cross-tied him in the barn again, groomed him and ...wait for it... picked up and cleaned out Each of his feet!! What a big thing for him to be taking so well to be cross tied and having his feet handled. It's the first time I have actually cleaned his feet out too. There wasn't really anything in them but it is the action that counts!! Once I gave him a hug and a treat for being such a good boy I put his surcingle on him and out we went with Essa the Newfie and Tess the greyhound coming along. I don't know if Linus was feeling obliged to be good since I was already so impressed with him but he responded so well to my commands and we improved on our turning too. We took a different direction to last time and went even further. Linus really liked the new scenery and I love that he doesn't race for home as soon as he turns around. I actually had to take his halter and turn him up the driveway. We were both tuckered out when we got back and it made think what a novelty it is going to be when I am actually in a buggy or cart behind him rather than walking behind him!! We met some traffic and that was handled really well. Especially since one was partivularly scary being that it was a diesel pickup with a snowplow on the front. I was very proud of Sir Linus today and loved getting to spend so much time out with him. He might get a heifer calf companion soon since the bul companion he was meant to get is now gone to another herd.

Finally, some pictures from today!! They're the best I could do while still holding my lines.


  1. Donna-
    I think the pictures while working are great. It shows what Linus is capable of. It sounds like the two of you are making great progress. Before you know it he will be like his cousin Elektra-She is the horse I am riding in the post before yours from Top O the Hill Farm. We started out with her the same way and it really helps to make a great horse.

    Keep up the great work and keep posting it. I for one love to hear what others are doing with their young ones.


  2. I love your pictures, and congratulations on picking Linus' feet without problem! You are doing a great job of keeping Linus' mind active and interested.


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