Thursday, February 4, 2010

training and prep

Training and prep often go hand in hand....Later this year, we will be starting our home bred filly "Hotel Kalifornia" aka.."Kallie" under saddle. She is a filly that I kept from our second "HeartBreaker" foal crop. Now a 3 year old I have Kallie in the barn to start to work.

She had a full dental exam last week, and had 4 caps removed, and 2 wolf teeth pulled...the wolf teeth were particularly tough, great big wolf teeth, with really long roots. It is much better to deal with these teeth before you spend precious dollars at the trainers...or..I guess we think it is anyway. Kallie is still a bit sore, so we will not be introducing the bridle until she has healed and forgot about the whole experience...yuk! I do not like the dentist either!!!

Kallie is learning to stand quietly in the crossties, we are working on lunging ( oh my! she does move like her sire ) we have already exposed her to many things, she was shown as a suckling, as a yearling .......already got that show experience under her a two year old I taught her the "concept" of lunging ( walk only ) and now as a three year old we can get down to work.

She is my main training project for Feb and March, so I hope you do not mind hearing a whole lot about her ;-) we have a really solid start, she is very willing to learn anything I ask of her. I intend to put Kallie under saddle, and also to train her to drive...she is fullfilling a dream of mine..owning a solid black curly ;-)


  1. Dolly's wolf teeth were huge, too.

    Kallie looks gorgeous. I'd love to see a video of her moving.

  2. I LOVE the name, and she is quite the looker too. Will she be competing for CSI HOY? Looking forward to future posts! Dian

  3. Awesome Linda!! Cant' believe Kallie is already 3! where does the time go? I can't wait to see more updates of you and her and your journey together!! Thanks for sharing...please share more!! LoL. (especially of Spark, *hint hint* my fav LOL..)

  4. Thanks gals..yes Dian, Kallie will be competing for a HOY, as will her Sire...could we possible have the first father/daugther team to win HOY's in one year? that would be amazing....and even more exciting is, it is doable!

    Denise...I turned Spark back out...sorry! She was doing so well, she got to go back out on pasture to play!

  5. I hear you with not caring for the dentist either and wouldn't ya know it both kids have chosen that as their profession...wish at least one had chosen the equine route!

    Best wishes with the HOY father/daughter team this year. Very cool! Looking forward to many posts of Kallie's progress.

  6. Spark is my fav too!, can't wait for more pics and updates of your gorgeous, talented, and brilliant Curlies Linda!! Very exciting for Kallie and HB, should be VERY interesting and exciting to see how this year's show season goes for them both, should be a huge boon for all Curlies, if for no other reason than the exposure of such individuals out in the show ring!


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