Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Curly J, an intelligent Curly Gelding that keeps me on my toes

Hello Curly Friends, 

The last time I had a moment to write a note, it was snowing in Texas. Guess what? Yes folks, it is snowing in Texas!. Absolutely, beautiful ....views from my windows and since the winds are blowing so hard the Curlies and I decided to take the morning off, to rest and appreciate Mother Nature's artwork.



Each day we work on our ground work with the Curly ones  and I am so amazed at how intelligent they are... and I am realizing that I have to be very consistent in our training. 
I try to think of it as I am teaching them something whether it is good or bad - sorta of our kids -  our Curly ones are also little sponges that soak up our actions. So I need to think of my actions and make sure I am giving them good lessons not bad.

For example, our Jubliee's Curly J, is a handsome four year old gelding from the Dixie D, OB Pinto and Col Austin bloodlines. He has the most gorgeous almond shaped brown eyes and a touch of roan in his Chestnut coat....oh, and his curly forelocks drive all the little girls wild.  

He is a very intelligent horse. We have been working on lunging for a few weeks and he picked up almost instantly.  

Funny though, he really doesn't like my pink whip....must be the color...so I have put it aside for now. 

Curly J reads my body language like a cue card. So I really have to be aware of my stance and position myself facing his shoulder. He is always such a fast learner that once we have done a pattern a few times he remembers and so I have change things a bit or I find he gets bored....which translates into "trouble".

Jubliee's Curly J is an awesome Curly and I am enjoying our ground work sessions....just like my sons, Curly J is teaching me a lot.{:>
Angie and Curly J

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  1. Good to hear from you, Angie! Keep up the good groundwork sessions. Have you had time to ride lately? How 'bout barrel race?


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