Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cold and Sunny in Vermont

I don't know about you guys in my neighboring states.. not so warm here yet. I actually started my Saturday morning sans long johns -- only to return to the house to put them back on.. darn it. - and the sap is still frozen in the spout !! But, the sun was out again -- blue skies and a perfect day for a quick trail ride in between Saturday lessons.

After some discussion, we decided to head back to the trail we found last week- and see where it comes out .. somewhere on the way up to Mount Ephraim, that much we knew.

Come on Elektra.. even fancy dressage horses need to get their feet wet sometimes. Mostly, the horses pause here because the edge is frozen and they know it's going to break under their first

I only added this photo because my horse is so beautiful :)

A favorite canter spot

cross over Breezy Hill Road onto the new snowmobile trail the club just opened up. We were thinking to maybe trot up to the top of Mount Ephraim.. but after we got onto the actual Ephraim trail.. it was slow going due to ice.

Since we had to be back at the farm by a certain time.. we decided to take a right and head down the Vista View trail. That is not a snowmobile trail so no ice.. just fresh crispy snow perfect for that BIG power snow trot that is so much fun. Coming down the mountain however- we hit ice again under the snow.. and although I was repeatedly cautioning Keri to be CAREFUL... Zoe looked back to find us sitting down on our haunches like a dog after BIG slide.. would have made a great photo but too embarrassing for Keri. :)

Coming down off the mountain to the Vista View farm. We are just approaching my big slide spot.

I just have to show off the views.

We stopped here so Zoe could re-adjust her saddle which slide forward quite a bit with all the down hill mountain hoof -skiing. Handy stone work for re-mounting.

Trot down Pleasant Valley Road - back to Breezy Hill again so we can return home on the trail. We ended up going further than we would have if we had climbed the mountain to the top and back... I guess we could have made it there and back -- next time.

Back on the return trail, we pass by what we call Tubby's car -- because back when we rode Tuff 'Nuff and Bathtub Gin -- we were doing a lovely ground covering woods canter around the corners -- and Tubby did this huge sideways jump at the car.. it was our first time on this trail and the day of its discovery. We have put a lot of miles on this trail since that day :)

We did meet up with a few snow sleds out for the day on the parts of the route that are snowmobile trail.

A great ride.. hoping we can ride today - Sunday. it's colder today -

Not a good driving day which was what I was hoping for... at least when you are in the saddle.. you can work up some warmth with movement.

Enjoy ~


  1. Betsy, you cracked me up with your sliding sit story and not having a photo because it would be embarrassing for Keri! We have much less snow left than you. I haven't been sans long johns yet because even when it is sunny it is always windy!! The wind whips away the moisture from what the sun melts, so we aren't really having a typical mud season, which I like!

  2. Well Betsy, I think it will be another month before I shed my long johns!!!!!!!!!! I need you to quit with the pictures, I am getting so jealous I can't stand it, what wonderful looking country you have to ride in. almost as nice as my frozen swamps.
    Have a great day

  3. WOW, amazing scenery!! Sounds like a great ride

  4. Laurie - Keri is a bit like the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead sometimes.. and when her antics result in her appearing foolish .. she is definitely sheepish and embarrassed :) Why does she always think she knows best ?? because of course I DO !! Harold.. I am tentatively planning a curly camp out something like Marlene's -- maybe in August.. you might be persuaded to visit for some scenery up close and real ? Susan will hopefully be here and perhaps she could lend you that pink blanket for a ride into the mountains. And Donna-- looks like you are well on your way to having a superb future riding mount to enjoy scenery with. Wouldn't it be fun to have you and Linus visit here and we could ride with his grand-mom and maybe a sister or two !? That would make a great photo or video for the RAC someday.

  5. Betsy, today was windy and overcast BUT we collected 16 gals of sap from only a few trees. I absolutely love your scenery and I think I am just as jealous as Harold. So...let's see, I'm headed to the Badlands with Harold and Izzy and off to VT to camp out with you. What a summer!! Just like you, I have an antique truck I pass quite often that I am very attached to. Harold, I don't let just anyone use my faded red saddle blanket, but Betsy knows how much I really think of you.