Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some real RAC Logging !

A few weeks ago Denise sent around an e-mail reminding us all to LOG our hours, either ground work or saddle.

Made me think -- I can log about my logging. So here's some real logging Denise... with a curly. :)

Here's the "Big Man" Mead's Chocolate Chip" wearing a work harness and collar that has been in the family for many years.

I have been hauling logs out of the woods the last few days anyway... so I saved some smaller ones aside for Chip to pull himself.

Zoe and I took turns having Chip pull this one around the lawn and road to get some photo's.

A good pulling horse knows to dig in with his feet and get down to pull.

OK Mister Chip -- all done for today... hang up the lines and quit.

What a great job Chip. (and a side note - there are a dozen mares back there watching.. nary a nicker from the Big Man) .

Chip getting his logging hours in..

You might remember from past blog postings some of Chip's other personna... dressage horse, skoot horse and driving horse --

I have to add, not only is Chip the TRUE do it all Curly horse.. as a stud he has over 40 accomplished foals on the ground - from pony size to sporty tall mounts... along with grand-kids out and about winning ribbons as well !

Here is a link to Chip's driving/pulling video from last year -

And his first show of his lifetime - intro walk/trot -

Chip is the true honest to goodness All purpose horse :) Can't say enough good things about him.

Enjoy ~


  1. Betsy, leave it to you to be so gol' darn clever! =] It's always nice to see our curly equine buddies involved in "logging" in the RAC!

    Awww...I LOVED Zoe's praises! How sweet! I just started using praise in training Reese and it's as good as a carrot! =] So cute!

    It was really good to see your post girls, I was really missing them! But now that I see what you have been up to, you are forgiven. =P LoL.

    Thanks for sharing!!! (and logging!)

    p.s. BTW, where is the Susan Lejonhud??! She is greatly missed too!!

  2. Betsy you do the coolest (and ditto Denise "clever") things with your horses; showing how diverse and well trained they are! I am very proud to own a couple of Chip's offspring and a few grand and great grand kids as well!

    I was beginning to wonder if Zoe and you had gone off on some long expedition in the mountains of Vermont...glad to see you are still blogging with us!

    Yep, never mind those mares, Big Man, just strut your stuff for them! Love that photo of you and look so pleased with one another. No wonder!

  3. I am constantly talking to/praising the horses Denise-I am sure they understand me sometimes it is all good praise and well sometimes not so much but we always end on a good note. I think that just the tonal quality of my voice and how my body also presents when giving praise has a big effect in the training of and developing a relationship between horse and rider/driver/owner.

    I do LOVE the big man he is a blast to work with no matter what we are doing since he is SO willing to try his best. His offspring are all that way as well. Makes it so easy to be singing praise to them.

  4. lesley -- I need fresh photo's of those chip babies ! So I can add them to his page. The wheels are always turning in my head for a good story on the blog :) !!

  5. WOW, I am so impressed with Chip's heart, willingness and versitility, not to mention his good looks! (speaking of good looks, my, that is a handsome Lab ;)
    And the proof is in the pudding, because Chip has so many youngsters with diverse talents as well. That video wins a blue ribbon - love it! Denise and Lesly are right, you do the coolest things with your horses. Can't wait to visit and try your obstacle course again.

  6. I love your take on "logging" the hours. :D

    Chip is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing :D


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