Monday, February 8, 2010

THANK YOU RAC !!!!!! Thank you Denise !!!

I know that the 2010 RAC blog should be about our current year working with our horses...But..I want to step back a bit and tell a little about my 2009 year of RAC and how things lead to me being named the "2009 RAC Grand Champion ~ Ground training Division".

When Denise added this division to the RAC competition I was thrilled! I spend alot more time working with horses, than riding, due to being a successful breeding farm of our dear Curly horses. Many times I am training for "in hand" competitions, along with training on horses that may need tune ups, as well as training those new foals that arrive.

Since I always have good opportunity to rack up RAC points in the winter, once spring came I kept on task and made sure that I always had a goal in mind for each particular horse I was working with...

If not for the log sheets, I would not have been so "on task" in 2009. I also have my own program of training, and logging completed task, the two of these things have gone hand in hand.

RAC kept me focused !!! RAC kept me inspired !!! When I would think about being lazy and not going out and working, my mind kept thinking...what other RAC'ers are out there working today????

RAC has also helped me do my training in a much more methodical method, advancing my horses in a more methodical way, thus helping to eliminate training "holes" training on my horses is now more of a program, than a mish/ mash of things I think up to do with them..and they just BLOSSOM !!!

So.....MY THANKS to RAC and Denise and Curly Horse Country !!! You have inspired me to do better, be much better organized and to realize the rewards of a victory !

and...THANKS to all the RAC competitors...thanks because you are out there competing with me, making me want to work harder.

and finally...the QUALITY of the ribbon and jacket that is the award package for this victory is awesome !!! The jacket is slick on the know..the kind that will not hold hay on, when you head to town you will not be covered in hay...LOL....

The mare in the pic of one of our dear broodmares..."Flash's Carmela DeAlegria" aka..."Ally" she was my best choice for posing with my jacket and ribbon....probably based on who was the cleanest yesterday...LOL.....

THANKS !!! 2009 RAC Grand Champion ~ Ground Training Division...Linda VavRosky


  1. Wow, Linda - when you asked if you could post the photo of your prize, I never expected it to bring tears to my eyes! Your words meant the world to me.

    Everything you said, how the contest inspired you through everyone else, how logging kept you organized and focused and how it helped you reach goals is everything I hoped RAC would be.

    You didn't have an easy year to fit in riding but you made sweet lemonaide out of lemons by doing what you can and that was ground work. I have to give you a big KUDOS for that girl!

    You and Ally look awesome sporting your prizes! Thanks again for sharing and for being so enthusastic and complimentary!!

  2. Linda,
    Congratulations! This "contest" is the best for motivating - I so laughed when you described wondering what your fellow RACers were up to and thus getting out and doing! Yup, you were writing about me! Great job!!


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