Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The sun is shining and the air is crisp but it is a beautiful day and I have been working with four different horses today, They have all been responding well and seem to be enjoying the attention.
I will keep this short and sweet, a week ago I bought a pair of socks called smart wool, I can't believe how warm they keep my feet in the below zero weather in Minn in my regular boots, great for out ground training in my weather.


  1. Harold - I swear by my smart wool socks. I have many varieties - from very heavy to more lightweight - and I use them year round -- love 'em !! Glad you do too.

  2. HAROLD!!!!! What the heck, we don't hear from you in like forever and you keep it "short and sweet?" You gotta do better than that!!! HA!!

    Just kidding of course. We all love ya hear and we are happy to hear you are able to spend a little time with your critters.

    Smart wool socks? Tracy has smart wool running clothes...I should look into that. Thanks!

    p.s. when do we get to see that pink saddle blanket on curly boy again? =]

  3. Harold and Betsy, I will DEFINITELY be looking into smart wool socks. So, Harold, sounds like you are on the mend if you are working four different horses. Good to hear from you! Don't be a stranger!

  4. Hello Harold,
    It is good to hear from you. I better get myself a pair of smart wool socks. Wrapping my old socks in plastic bread wrappers just doesn't work!
    Let me know when you and Rainie are going to the Bad Lands. I will run away from home with Lila and join you.
    Take care,


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