Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big day for Little "Z"

OYY Little "Z" had quite a bit of ground work last spring.. then show season and other projects caused us to shelve her out to pasture. It was our intention to get right back to her in the fall-- but work with her was inconsistent since we were choosing other work and riding instead. Poor girl -- she is so anxious to please and have a job.
She experienced a couple of graduations recently.

Little "Z" moved in with the 'big' girls on the farm - these are a tough group; well bonded, grown ups, lesson horses and forever mares. They accepted her into the fold -- so her status went up a few notches immediately, along with her self esteem.

Her next big initiation ceremony was her foray down the road. "Z" has had lots of experience up around the farm and surely plenty in the indoor, all kinds of obstacles in the course we have set up.. but traveling down the road, off the farm into the BIG world, wow - is the reaction we usually get. It's as though they are saying - 'I have been so waiting to see what all those other horses have a chance to experience when I see them trot off.'

"Z" was interested, enthusiastic and still listening to all her handler's cues and communications. She saw her first traffic -

We have peaked her curiosity now.. and she wants more.

Mounted both sides and slid off the rear - "Z" is a little unsure of her balance with weight on her back, but fairly accepting and very quiet.

Slap the irons, lead her around -- lean into the saddle - watch for licking lips. "Z has had a full day.....
There's nothing left now but to get in the saddle next time !

Here's 2 short video's - "Z" ground driving through her trail course. "Z" ground driving down the road - where she practices her 'whoa' , back and walk on.

OYY Litte "Z" had a big day for sure !
Enjoy ~


  1. Betsy, I couldn't see the I the only one?

  2. I could see the videos...Little "Z" did a wonderful job...obvious she is thrilled with her graduation to being a big girl and back at work! Smart looking gal. Hoping to seeing her progress.

  3. Hello Betsy and Zoe,
    "Little Z" is beautiful. She sure enjoys the work she is doing with you. Thank you.

  4. I felt the need to add that as Elektra's "little" sister-in age not in size- I just know she is going to be awesome and will make someone an excellent riding horse no matter what they decide to do-pleasure or showing.

  5. How wonderful!!! Watching the videos is inspiring. I want to set up some obstacles now. :)

  6. Z is gorgeous. How tall is she? And, isn't she for sale? She is green, but so obviously has a willing and Thinking attitude. You two do such a good job starting (and finishing) your Curlys! I especially enjoyed the photo of Zoe draped across Z's hind end. (for the expressions on BOTH faces!)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the driving and this inspires me to dig out my harness! As you inspire me to move foreward with our other horses!


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