Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tooks some pics and played a bit

Okay we didn't get any login time, but went and took some pictures, wow is it muddy!! poor horses are filthy dirty...might have to shave some under bellies before I can saddle up!! Kendahl sure loves to just climb up on my Rose, she is such a sweet girl and never makes a wrong step with her aboard, I just love her to pieces!! my daughter too!! heehee, just having some fun!! can't wait to start doing some more serious riding!!


  1. She's really pretty. I'm only just learning the amount of work it is to take care of the curly manes in the horses that DON'T shed 'em every season!

  2. Rose is so lovely! Sheryl, Kendahl desensitizing Rose by flopping around on her back in the pasture is still considered RAC time. Even if it was 10 min., you can count it. =]

  3. Rose is beautiful inside and out! Sounds like Kendahl is doing a good job of racking up those 2010 RAC points and helping keep mom's horse ready to ride in the meantime. You are blessed!


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