Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday's ride

The annoying weather man is predicting snow and/or rain for the rest of this week, so when yesterday morning was still mostly sunny and the wind wasn't howling, I decided to ride Dream again. She seems to really like the Nurtural Bitless Bridle! I like it because if my balance still isn't perfect all the time, I know I'm not yanking on a bit in her mouth by mistake. She listens FINE to no bit, too, so I am very pleased. I am really enjoying our trail rides. I don't know if I'm up for starting over practically from scratch again with lessons to try to get into riding shape for the dressage ring. I know that Dream doesn't care if she is shown or not, but she is so GOOD at it that it seems a shame not to keep doing it just to promote Curlies in dressage. Sorry Betsy & Susan-- I still forgot my camera! I did remember to bring the cell phone that I now have just to take with me for emergencies, since I almost always ride alone.


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  2. Laurie-
    It is so great to hear about you and Dream going out together. You Do need to remember the camera though. I love seeing pictures of Dream as she looks so much like a lot of her siblings on the farm and sounds like she acts like them too. I can understand not wanting to start from scratch with the preparation for the dressage ring-it is a lot of work as I have learned over the past year and half-more than most realize I think. I am sure Dream is just as happy with trail rides-it may be that is enough for this year and you two are just able to enjoy each other and the pleasure it brings to both of you.

    Keep riding and keep posting but try to remember that camera we all love to take the ride with you.


  3. Laurie - don't stress yourself.. it's enough you are up in the saddle and enjoying yourself. Dream will be pleased to be your partner on the trail. I do love it when she is in the show ring so I can brag about my "kids" but -- like I said.. ENJOY !!

  4. Hey Laurie, when we get together to ride, I want to check out your bitless bridle. I think Dream would love to be a trail horse for a season, and I am so glad you are getting out and about and enjoying your beautiful bay girl!

  5. Laurie,
    Dream is a great name for your Curly bay. Thanks for sharing about your experiences with the bitless bridle I have a goal to get one for my stallion, Chester.
    Best wishes, Angie


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