Sunday, February 7, 2010


What a week!!! It all began last Sunday when Karalee called and said the farrier was out to her place and had time to come to our place just around the corner and did I want to go for it and have Linus trimmed??? Inside my head : EEEEEEKK, is he ready for this, we only just started picking up the feet really well, if I go ahead and he doesn't like it will it cause our progress to take a step back...on the other hand, farrier coming in a couple of hours means I can't fret for a week over how Linus will handle it. He was out cold for his first trim; it was done during his gelding operation. So out of my mouth comes "Sure, if he has the time and wants to come let's go for it." Well, Linus was in my opinion, fantastic, for his first time. Once he got over 3 people approaching him instead of the usual 1 he relaxed a bit. Then once he realized we weren't stopping til we were finished he accepted his fate and allowed for the trim. Then he gave us all a thorough search in the pockets to see who was hiding the treats from his good behaviour. I was on such a high...then to add to it both Karalee and Bruno (farrier) were praising his looks and conformation. They each made their guesses as to what his coat colour will finally settle on. It has changed again; coat is more red and mane and tail continue to lighten. I should start my own competition called "Name that coat" or something thereabouts. Linus has a "birthmark" on his left hip. A dark brown patch that we at first thought was mud way back in September. Bruno guesses because of this patch that Linus will go Liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. How cool would that be!!!
Lynn was kind enough to send some tack she wasn't using home with me upon one visit. Amongst the much appreciated pieces was a surcingle. With a little bit of modification, it fits Linus. I use a longe line for the reins and his rope halter and on 3 occasions (the last 3 days actually) we have gone to the end of the lane and back (nearly 1km). Linus has done so well with this. I am extremely impressed with our progress. Largely due to the fact that I have never driven a horse before let alone trained one to do it. We so far have walked and trotted and he is getting so good at stopping just with "whoa". We didn't do much today because it is really windy out and biting cold. So I wormed him, groomed him and we had a small walk to "get out the jitters". He is right now in his pen outside where there is a windbreak so he can take full advantage of the sun. I really hate it when its a gorgeous long as you can keep out of the wind.

Thank you all for your previous really helps you to feel that you are on the right track and provide encouragement to keep going.
Keep forgetting to say I received my RAC shirt a few weeks ago....VERY nice!!!!
Here's to a good week everyone!


  1. Donna,
    How fun to have the proof in the pudding! Firsts are almost always a bit spooky and boy can I sympathize about not having a week to obsess! GOOD JOB! Oh, and I also understand about the beautiful day - if you can stay out of the wind - I sometimes just take a book and sit in the sun with my boy reading to him! :)

  2. Fantastic Donna! Without much time to worry about how Linus will react, he didn't either! Very cool the way all your work is paying off. Feels so good, doesn't it?!?! Mac and I attended a driving clinic and the trainer was emphatic about the importance of whoa and standing still for a driving you are building a solid foundation with that work.

  3. Way to go, Donna! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with Linus.

  4. Thanks so much for the support everyone. It really keeps me motivated and makes me feel warm and fuzzy!!! This is such a great competition. Even without the competition part, its just awesome to meet everyone and share these stories!


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