Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Curly Queen of Carts

Today - we had a fabulous cart ride with OYY Nimue as the trotting diva of the day. We hit a few slickery spots but no sit-downs a la Keri...

Again, Zoe and I went out together and had a schedule to stick to -- because of lessons. We tried to match time and distance for the voyage.

One of my recent goals was to get Nimue out on the highway for her first experience so we wanted to come up with a loop that included highway and was just the right length of trotting time to get us back home in time. We needn't have worried as Nimue made incredible trotting time.

We passed by the logging site down the street. They are still going hot and heavy, piling big logs and chipping the rest. Nimue did take a look but kept right on trotting by.

Between the strong wind and Nimue's fast trot-- look at her mane a flyin' . You can see how much snow we lost in a few days. Even though the temps are below freezing.. it's still melting fast.

Past the school bus 'garage'

Zoe was photographer and videographer today - - I was chauffeur.
I will let the video show the remaining trip. If you are curious to see more- I posted a longer rendition of the trotting trek on You Tube which includes quite a bit of scenic clip clopping.
Denise -- I was already a little ways down the road when I remembered... I forgot your bells and Zoe said no way would we have time to turn back. Truthfully, I am not sure I would have stood for the ringing the entire trip out.
Nimue out did herself today.. maintaining a 7-8 minute mile, even with a quick adjustment stop. She's just plain awesome :) Here are 2 short snippets of Miss Nimue.. on the dirt roads and some tarred back roads ... then the big finale -- highway trotting. Nimue is totally ready for a downtown trip, but I don't believe we'll fit on the narrow sidewalks.
Now- I have the idea to take her out on the snowmobile trails Zoe and Elektra and Keri and I were on the other day- they are wide enough and I think it will be FUN ! :) Apparently we are expected to get some 22 inches of snow in the next few days.. we'll see. If not-- then we'll be out on the trail with our little cart .. stay tuned.

Enjoy ~


  1. Betsy and Zoe, thank you, thank you, thank you! That youtube video was AMAZING! It was just like I was there in the cart with you. Nimue's tireless and energetic trotting was a blast! Her little ears were perked right forward, the scenery was gorgeous - esp with the curly back of an amazing little bay mare in the view. What a treat. Bet Denise is going to love this video.

  2. I WANT THAT PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I was FREAKIN out when that semi came along! My palms are still sweating!! I REALLY need to come visit you! I agree with Susan....what a fabulous TREAT! Thank you!!

  3. I love this pony.. (but we have others just as good.) We had such a fantabulous cart ride, afterwards I thought .. anyone who wants to -- come visit and she and I will teach you how to drive :) or rather she will create the opportunity for you to learn yourself.. So much fun :) I am glad you enjoyed.. as my thinking cap is always on for a fun blog for you Denise !!

  4. Where's the closest airport? lol.

    Love the title too...such a clever woman. =]

  5. Bradley International Airport -- about 110 miles.. quick trip.. let me know and I will come get you.

  6. Count me in for that cart lesson too!! Lol, what an inspiring post. I read/watch that and dream about the day that I can do that with Linus!! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Ladies, you are both great inspirations.....I love to read your articles and this one was right in line with my activities...As a long time volunteer at Equest Therapuetic Riding Center I decided to change from my schedule from Sport riding to work with driving. I love it. (We have the most wonderful well trained Fjords in our Driving Program) I am trying to learn the terminology but am so serious about it have already acquired a cart. It is for a mini-though so I will be soon in the market for a mini-Curly who has a bit of driving training!
    Best wishes and thanks for all your do for your riders and Curly friends.


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