Monday, February 22, 2010

UGGGH More Snow?

Today was beautiful.... and yes .... the sap has begun to flow..... but wait.... more snow on the way???  As much as two feet!!!??????   UGGGH!  I'm ready for spring - and so is Miss D!    

I took advantage of today's wonderful weather and my day off to get out and ride.  I'm not sure how many more rides I'll be able to get in before Deams tells me she is done.  (Baby expected in April)  I think she enjoys getting out as much as I do - it is so therapeutic!  I'm not sure she enjoys my made up songs and off key singing ... but it hasn't stopped her yet:-)  

"I love my curly horsey with a swirl..."  

Thank goodness I live in a very rural area - with lots of woods.  

Happy Riding!


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  1. Dream has never said anything about my singing, and I do it to her ALL the time. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only crazy one. Plus, given Dream's name, I have a bunch of legitimate songs the I can pretend I'm singing. "Beautiful Dreamer" is one that I only remember some of the words to, so the others all get made up!!


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