Monday, February 15, 2010

Cross-ties Conquered!!

Lesson 1 in cross-ties went really well. It seems I cannot plan what I will do on a certain day. I seem to spontaneously decide what I am going to do based on the weather conditions, how much cow chores there are to do and whether or not Owen is napping or in the house with someone else during my work time. So, that being said on Saturday I just simply decided it was a good time to bring Linus in and introduce him to the cross-ties. I also had a new brush to try on him that really immensely helped with his shedding!! At first Linus had a major WTF!! moment. I started by securing the cross tie on his right. I stood on his left and held the tie to him but did not fasten it until he got used to the feeling of tension on BOTH sides. Once he accepted it with a big sigh and the decision that standing still was best I told him I was going to walk the few feet to his brush and then come back. I talked to him the whole time and he was fine. Then I started brushing him out and he was more than fine! He really settled in. We kept the cross tie session short and sweet then I single tied him and put his "SIR"cingle on him and took him for another outing. We went a little but further than on Friday and yet again he wanted to keep going. We went up the road, around a field by the road and then to an empty field the cows use when they are on pasture. We keep the cows close to the barn in the winter though so I unharnessed Linus and let him go. Boy did he enjoy that!!! My dog Tess accompanied us the entire time. Her and Linus love to play together when the gates are between them but Tess was a bit intimidated when Linus started bucking and kicking. She was given a good run for her money when she couldn't catch him in a race though!! She is part greyhound and loves a good race. Linus needed to stretch his legs and with him finally having a chance to be on decent golly he is FAST!!!!
He is growing out of one the famous "my bum is higher than my withers" stages and is filling out nicely in the shoulder. He has the most gorgeous set to his neck and head. I really need to get some action photos on here of him so you can all see how handsome he is!
This weeks weather is supposed to be good so we will try to log some more hours. After logging a fair amount of hours at the end of last week Linus had the last 2 days off. Rightly so, he earned them and I must not forget that he is still a baby and needs his rest and time to grow. Even on non working days for him he still is made to mind his manners when being fed or worked around.
Happy Family Day everyone!


  1. I really enjoy hearing about everything that you do with your Linus -- great job !! He has lots of smart genes.. but now with all your wonderful work .. he's going to be such a great horse for you ! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I was saying to Lynn that I was pretty shy about the posts at first but the group seems so warm and welcoming that now I loof forward to posting and reading others. I'm loving it!! Linus is awesome.


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