Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hokah, MN News


The weather in the southeastern portion of Minnesota this winter season has been less than desirable for riding. Snow, below freezing temperatures and ice has hinderd any opportunities to saddle up Missy or Storm and hit the trails. Storm and I have managed to fit in one short ride between snow storms and freezing drizzle since entering the RAC contest and it was very enjoyable. We both needed the excercise! We stuck pretty close to the house riding on deer trails and plunking through the snow in a nearby field. The snowmobile trail was very tempting but has been pretty active lately so we steered clear of that.

Storm and I took advantage of what Mother Nature dished out recently by playing with my son's sled. I hooked a long yellow braided rope to the handles of the sled and pulled it around the paddock for Storm to see. Of coarse this sparked his curiosity enough to sniff it out and pick it up with his teeth. Once he was bored with that, I hooked the sled up on both sides of his halter with the rope across his back and the sled about 20 feet behind him. I then led him around with the sled following. The sound of the sled gliding across the newly fallen snow and the rope bumping his sides was a good training session on the art of "purple saucer sled pulling." We will continue to advance the training session by hooking the sled to his saddle next.

Since the weather isn't cooperative for riding, thankfully I have Noble to work with and keep me busy too. Noble is 2 years old and joined our family in November of 2009. We couldn't love his teddy bear personalility more...but hey, that is what Curly horses are...big teddy bears! I have been working on catching, haltering, tying and picking up his feet. In addition, a saddle pad was introduced recently and Noble being as docile as he is, accepted it willingly and without a flinch. What a good boy! We love our Curly horses (and our 2 AMH too!) and I'm proud to be able to share news and updates of such a wonderful breed of horse.


  1. Shelley,
    You ought to be with us in the NW centeral Minn. I have to tell you we have had the cold and the snow and the drizzle, what a winter we have had.
    I am glad to hear another Minnesotan out there.

  2. Hey Shelley!!! Welcome and congrats on posting your first message!!! So cool about your sled...and congrats on enduring the harsh MN winters and finding ways to work with your horses. Please continue to share...!!

    p.s. Who did you buy Noble from? That name sounds familiar.

  3. Purple Saucer Pulling sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Shelley, what a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Shelley,
    It's nice to meet you. Texas is having it's share of snow and strange weather. When Spring gets here we can make up for the days we couldn't ride. Hope to hear more about Storm and Noble.


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