Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curlies and Texas Weather

Well friends, there is an old saying in Texas; if you don't like the weather just wait a bit 'cause it will change. And, as a transplant from Carolina, who has been here almost twenty years, I believe it to be true.

Yesterday, after working on fences I decided to saddle up my Curly pony, Chester, and climb into the western saddle with my work overalls on...they are blue with white paint splatters all over them and while they are not a fashionable statement they are sure warm and easy to take off and put on when it's cold. 

Also, no one knows I have my PJ's on underneath when I have early morning feedings.

Chester is such an awesome fella, he and I really connect on the ground. He always comes when I call him and we walk together without a lead rope going from pasture to barn. I really feel we are communicating.

First, I brushed him. Wow, could not believe the hair I collected...could have stuffed a pillow. Then, I saddled him and put on a bridle with a snaffle bit. He really does not like a bit. He shakes his head and I really am conscience of having very soft hands. Anyone have experience with Bitless Bridles? I'd love to hear your experiences and learn more about them.

Chester and I walked around a while or should I say sloshed around but it was great to be in the saddle. 

This morning, I pulled my favorite overalls out of the dryer and headed out to the barn- yep in my long johns.

Aw, Texas weather....and Saturday, we are looking forward to the high 50's. 

                                          Angie and her Curly, White ponies


  1. Hello Angie,
    For Chester, have you tried a three piece "dog bone" snaffle on him. I have used a three piece dog bone snaffle made by Reinsman called the Rockin' S dog bone snaffle bit with good success on Lila. I have also used a three piece snaffle bit made by Myler called the comfort level 1 three piece snaffle with good success on Madeline. On Maeve I use a three piece snaffle made by Herm Springer that is on a ring. All three horse did not like the two peice snaffle because of a low pallet. You decide and see what you think.
    If you go to a Dr. Cook bitless bridle do be very careful. I have used them and there are several problems that you need to watch for. If any one is interested I will tell about them later.
    I wish you and Chester well.

  2. Dear Angie, I have been known to do morning chores in my pj's, and that's for sure! :) Penny, I think I have seen one of those "dog bone" snaffles on a very fancy English bridle. What you say sounds very interesting. Lesly has loaning me a 3-pc snaffle to try on AhD, but Maine weather and my schedule are not cooperating to lend much riding time yet.

  3. Angie,
    My horse does not like a bit - I've tryed 3 piece snaffles and mylar with limited success. I have used a Dr. Cook bitless and she was much happier but there were times when I did not have the control I wanted. I just switched to a Nurtural Bitless bridle which is made in Canada and seems to have corrected some of the problems that I found with the Dr.Cook. I have the beta synthetic Nurtural and it is great so far. My mare, Pye, took about 5 minutes to adjust and started flexing better and was very responsive and happy with it. I have not given it a full test yet due to winter conditions but so far I recommend it.

  4. Buck and I have found french link snaffles to be great for riding/driving. (also called dogbone) You may want to advoid Dr.Bristol snaffle which is a 3 piece, they are rectangle is the center and can be severe.

  5. Wow, what a weather change!!! Great to hear from you Angie!! Where have you been hiding?? LoL. I might need to invest in one of those dog bone bits too, just to have on hand. I use a robart pinchless snaffle on Reese. Linda V had one of those dog bone bits for sale on my tack page, I should have bought it. Oh well....

    Thanks for sharing Angie! Chester looks great...can't believe he is shedding so much already...spring is almost here!!!


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